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Tools & tactics vs. STRATEGY

Online marketing tools to promote your business are plentiful, relatively cheap (to begin with), and easy to implement. And everyone’s doing it!  That makes it easy to jump in – and overlook the key question

How to make your web marketing / promotional efforts effective (=results) + worthwhile (=ROI)?

Are they actually boosting the key pillars of marketing and business growth (outlined below) – or just providing short-term spikes and lots of feel-good activity – egged on by the understandable enthusiasm of online marketing tool vendors & tool experts!

Find out more how the pillars of marketing clarified below (and the underlying business + marketing strategy 101 concepts) can sharpen your content marketing, help your business grow, and raise your products way above your competitors’ offerings.

The 3 critical business + marketing goals that any winning online marketing plan must address + achieve:

whether you’re a small/medium business or global company trying content marketing, email/ social media marketing, publicity/PR, SEM.

strategic marketing goals enhanced brand

Solid brand

positive brand image, company reputation, competitive positioning

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strategic marketing goals improved messaging

Key marketing

promoted in various forms via diverse channels to
attract, convert, engage

more »   Messaging Strategy 101

Delighted Customers - Strategic Marketing Goal


great ratings + reviews,
likes + referrals,
repeat visits + buys

more »   Customer Strategy 101

And the essential foundation beneath the 3 marketing pillars above

Strategic Product Management Key Elements

Product Strategy

market + viability oriented
customer needs + experience driven
whole product focus + innovation

more »   Product Strategy 101

Here’s your (not so) secret formula for growing your business sustainably in competitive markets:

Growth Strategy 101 = ∑ All Strategies above × Customer Advocacy focus

i.e. the sum of all the strategies above – each viewed & shaped from a customer delight perspective.

Business Growth Strategy 101 - Four PillarsYes, that’s really it. The summary pages above cover all the critical elements of your growth strategy – providing insights & tips on these key marketing 101 concepts – cutting through buzzwords & jargon. They highlight strategic considerations that shape & power your marketing tactics – determining whether they hinder or help your achievement of high level marketing & business goals.

These strategic focus areas present great challenges as well as big opportunities for your business – to beat the competition, establish your reputation, and increase your sales & market share.

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Before initiating or intensifying / refining your online marketing tactics e.g. content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, online advertising – take a closer look at the factors that raise or lower their effectiveness. So you can avoid wasting your marketing budget and achieve results (vs. activity), effectiveness (vs. efficiency), and sustained growth (in sales, customer satisfaction, and profitability).

For solid growth and results, begin with the end in mind!

By focusing on these 3 pillars of marketing and their foundation (and applying the power of marketing strategy concepts), you harness the proven strategy for success – begin with the end in mind – i.e. plan your journey with a good idea of your chosen destination (end results) – and then navigate / forge ahead.

These goals, driven in turn by your high-level business goals, shape your strategies, plans, actions and tactics – which deliver the sales, marketing, and business results you envision!




What is the best way to achieve your
key sales & marketing goals?

Create a customer and innovation driven marketing strategy.

Apply the strategy to drive product innovation, communications, plans.

Get the right resources, skills, partners to execute your strategy + plans.


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TIP #1: The ONLY reliable, cost-effective way to marketing success

Achieving ALL 3 of these critical online marketing goals.

Make sure all your marketing & sales actions (esp. promotion tactics)
are driven by a solid marketing strategy + go-to-market plan
– with a strong product strategy at its core.

It is the only smart, reliable, and proven way to
strategy element   stay ahead of your competition (old and new, direct and indirect)  
strategy element   increase the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing / outreach actions & tactics  
strategy element   maintain a strategic (big-picture) perspective that powers smart & effective marketing decisions – about your products & services, key messages, direction & targeting, and finally, marketing tactics / execution (including advertising, SEM, SEO, PR, social media campaigns).

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Tip #2: Differentiate between promotion tactics and marketing strategy

Recognize how and why “online marketing” tactics need to be guided by “marketing strategy” – to effectively boost your reputation, business growth, product launch efforts.

This site was designed to be a concise marketing strategy template or guide – clarifying the role of “marketing tactics” (or promotional efforts) and viewing them in a wider perspective of strategic marketing. Showing how strategic insights can make or break your tactical initiatives – not to mention the growth / future of your product and company!

Leverage the marketing tips and insights below to guide your company towards success – by prioritizing and investing in marketing analysis, strategy development, and go-to-market planning. High ROI tasks that help you build / strengthen the pre-requisite marketing foundation – ensuring the success and cost-effectiveness of your online promotion and sales efforts.

Some key questions on online marketing – that are addressed in the sections below:

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Will YOUR business benefit from an online marketing strategy?

How effective & worthwhile is marketing analysis / strategy in different business environments?

Large corporation vs. small business

A common question is whether marketing best practices and concepts are more suitable for one category or another, or for one industry versus another. Yes, there are significant differences between a unique neighborhood shop and a big-box corporate giant – but there is a common foundation for both – serving customer needs and delivering value – competently and consistently.

From that wider perspective, it is easy to see that the core marketing concepts and techniques presented here are as highly relevant and potent for large, global companies as they are for small businesses, SMB firms, entrepreneurial startups.

New product launch vs. growing existing products

Launching a new product or service is an exciting endeavor. You have the luxury of having a nearly blank slate to set strategy and direction – compared to an existing product.

That said, the key ideas and insights summarized below are as applicable and powerful for new product development & launches as for growing + improving an existing product or service.

Large budget vs. small budget / startup setting

Regardless of scope, scale, setting, and budgets, online marketing strategy development is the vital step / process for generating game-changing ideas and innovations that lead to competitive success and satisfied, loyal customers.

To solidify your vision, goals, product strategy, and marketing plans – and discuss how we can strategically improve your digital marketing efforts – please contact us today.  Based in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley, serving entrepreneur CEOs, founders, startups, SMB firms, CMOs, small businesses to large companies.


Online Marketing
Analysis, Strategy, Plans for
Insights, Improvements, Innovations

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To create a solid web marketing strategy for a small business, SMB firm, or a large venture – one that will make your digital marketing efforts / promotional campaigns more targeted and cost-effective – start by applying the essential lessons / key concepts from the three critical business and marketing areas highlighted at the top (& listed below).

Mastering these keys of marketing success – or marketing strategy 101 – is the only way to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, sales growth, and ROI from your strategy driven marketing plan and implementation efforts.



A competent, innovation-focused, strategic marketing consultant can help you address these top priority areas – leading to the achievement of core business and marketing goals.

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Now that we see the value of focusing on these simple but strategic marketing goals, let us take a quick look at the ways to get there.

In the next section, Strategic Marketing Analysis, you will find a quick overview – from a high level perspective – of some of the key marketing analysis activities that power your strategy development. It summarizes the key challenges in each area and the opportunities they can unleash.

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